This link will let you try out SLIMS with a dummy dataset so you can explore its features without any set-up time. We encourage you to play with the data and look at how subjects, samples and containers are managed. Check out the user guide for a description of all the things you can do. Feel free to make changes and updates, the data in this demo is reset every so often.

There are six users you can try out in this demo, one of every type in SLIMS. To see the different permissions associated with each user type, click here.

To login to the SLIMS demo use one of the following as both the user name and password.
  • AdminUserDryLab

  • AdminUserWetLab

  • SystemAdmin

  • PowerUserDryLab

  • PowerUserWetLab

  • AdvancedUserDryLab

  • AdvancedUserWetLab

  • BasicUser