Genapha dbASM /Methylation Tools/

Welcome to Genapha dbASM! This collection of web-based tools can help you investigate the role of Allele-Specific Methylation in your phenotype of interest.

Quick links to the tools are to the left under Methylation Tools.

This site and the tools here are still in *active development*. Bug fixes and feature releases are ongoing, so please be patient! Feel free to submit any bugs or feedback via the contact form.

Here’s a short summary of where all the menu tabs above go:

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What is ASM? Why study it?

Helpful page that’ll take you through a sample workflow of using the tools, from a researcher’s point of view.

Overview of all the ASM web tools on one page.

Submitted a job on the cluster via the web app? Check its progress here.

Want to help out? Contribute your curated ASM SNP’s to the database here.

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