Sequence Viewer

This is a viewer for the human reference genome Assembly GRCh37.p10.

Here is a quick list of some features:

  • SNP sites are italicized and orange
  • Illumina array CpG sites are italicized and green
  • CpG sites are bold
  • “Special” SNP/CpG sites are bold, italic and pink
  • Sites that match a cutting enzyme are underlined
  • Base pair sites within 50 b.p. upstream of “Special” SNP/CpG’s are background highlighted blue

Search and display sequence by Gene/SNP/CpG

Include (additional): kb up/down-stream

View sequence by entering position

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Additional Options

Expand IUPAC SNP codes (for ex. “W” → “[A/T]”)
Pick “Special” SNP sites to be: Interrogable ASM-Candidate ASM-Confirmed CpG-450K CpG-27K

No sequence data to display. Please Search for a(nother) gene/SNP/CpG, or enter a sequence and press View.